4 SMA Students earn spot on Team Alberta for the Canadian Nationals

Check out Team Summit highlights from the Western Provincial Open this past weekend. Congratulations to ALL competitors – you showed great sportmanlike conduct and skill!!! A big thank you to Premier Martial Arts and all the volunteers for organizing such a well run tournament!! On to Nationals we go!!!!!  We had 4 SMA students qualify for the WKC Canadian National Championships in Ottawa, Ontario this coming May.  We are so proud of all of you!

Fall Registration, Bye Bye Summer!

Well, summer went by in a flash!!!  Thank you to all our students who submitted pictures of their summer practice!  We loved seeing you working on your techniques all across the world!  There is still a few days left if you have not been featured, you can email or text photos and videos until the end of August.

A few exciting things for fall!  We are pleased to announce the formation of Team Summit – our very first official Tournament Team.  As with our Junior Instructor Program, we hand selected our team based on the following factors:

  • adherence to the 5 tenets of Tae Kwon Do
  • student must be of sound moral character
  • student must exhibit self-discipline, respect and a level of maturity when faced with adversity or defeat
  • proven track record of consistency in tournament training attendance
  • proven track record of commitment level to training
  • prior competition experience

We encourage students to compete as it is a valuable experience. ALL SMA students can compete in any tournament, you do not have to be on the team to compete. There will be several opportunities throughout the year starting in November.   Please see Mrs. M or Master Morris for more details on competition and training.

Starting in September, we will have a brand new JIT Team!!  We are excited to welcome the newest members of the Team.  We welcome Mr. Cutlan, Mr. Zeller, Ms. Bravo, and Brody.  We are happy to have you as part of the SMA Instructing Team.

Fall registration is almost full!  We are happy to see all our continuing students sign on for another season which left only a handful of spaces across ALL our programs.  We have enjoyed watching all of you learn and grow as martial artists.

Bootcamp has 3 spots left for the September 8 start date.  This is a high intensity, MMA style interval class.  All fitness levels welcome.  Open to everyone – bring your friends!!  See Mrs. Morris for more details on how to register.  Can’t wait to see everyone out!!!

REMEMBER:  we are back to full uniforms on September 1.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

A Black Belt is a white belt that never gave up……..

On Saturday, June 2, 2018 our very own Mr. Stronge tested for his 1st degree Black Belt.  For those of you new to our school, our black belt tests do not come around often.  A student must show their dedication, tenacity and mastery of their martial arts techniques to even be considered for this opportunity.  Is it hard?  YES!  Do our black belts feel satisfaction and pride knowing they EARNED their belt?  ABSOLUTELY!  As a part of their journey to Black Belt, potential students are asked to write an essay about what it means to be a Black Belt.  Here is Kyo Sa Nim Stronge’s essay:


The Black Belt

I owe everything I am to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When I was four years old, I watched that show on TV every chance I got. I was drawn not only to the action, and the ninjas, and the monsters, but to the quiet moments. When the turtles sat in their lair, and practiced. They trained. They honed their techniques. They meditated. They lived by a code. That television show exposed me to a side of the martial arts I’ve never let go of – these arts aren’t just a fighting style, but a lifestyle.

My mother signed me up for a martial arts class that same year, and I’ve been hooked ever since. In that whole thirteen year period, I’ve never taken more than three weeks off. I’ve been to more tournaments than I can count. I have no memory of what my life was like before I was a martial artist. Training has sculpted me, physically and mentally, into the person I am today, and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone that has ever supported me in this journey.

I’ve come close to the black belt twice before. When I was ten or eleven, I became a junior black belt at the first school I ever trained at. When I was thirteen, I was a black stripe at a different school, and my black belt test was within reach for the second time. Looking back on where I was, and what I was, I wouldn’t have measured up to our green belt standard. That’s why this black belt, and this organization, is so meaningful to me. When you test for a belt, you know that you have earned it. The level of prestige associated with the black belt is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in my martial arts experience, and I’m glad that this is where I’ve chosen to spend my time.


To me, the black belt is the difference between training in the martial arts and being a martial artist. When a student is a red belt or black stripe, it should be expected that the fundamental, physical aspects of the discipline are mastered. The black belt test, the one I’m about to undergo, is the last true test of physical aptitude. After that, once the black belt is attained, the journey becomes more of a mental one. It is the end of one part of the journey, but the beginning of another. A black belt embodies the tenets of taekwondo, their own personal code, not only on the mats and in training, but in every aspect of life. They are courteous – kind and respectful to everyone they encounter. They have integrity – they operate with truth, and honor, and hold themselves to a high personal standard. They persevere through any challenge or obstacle. They possess a sense of discipline, of self-control, of both their actions and their emotions. And they refuse to let their unbreakable, indomitable spirit be defeated. In my view, the difference between a red belt and a black belt has nothing to do with kicking and punching. The difference is in those tenets. We learn them on the mats, but we adopt them in endeavours unrelated to martial arts too. We develop the ability to regulate our emotions, our feelings of anger, of recklessness, of doubt, of fear. We interact with our peers with a sense of respect, and of fairness. We refuse to give in easily when faced with adversity. That is what makes a black belt a true ambassador of the martial arts.

Over the last year, I’ve caught another martial arts bug, and learned more about a whole other side of all this. I had the opportunity to start teaching kids. I never thought that I would be much of a teacher: the idea of standing in front of a class of students and talking to them terrified me. But as I’ve watched them grow and improve over time, I’ve realized that I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. It’s not a cliche to say that teaching is the most fulfilling job you can have – the sense of pride I have in my students when they break through barriers and improve is unparallelled by any other feeling I’ve felt. I’m going to keep chasing that feeling as long as I can find students that want to learn from the experience I have.Teaching martial arts is what I was meant to do, and I hope I can give back to the organization that has given me so much by continuing to be a part of training the next generation, and I hope I can do that for a very long time.


Thank you.



Tournament Season comes to a close

This year Team Summit attended a record number of tournaments in one season – representing Summit Martial Arts at 6 Alberta competitions!  We just wanted to say how proud and impressed we are with all the student who participated this year.

Our students represented SMA with the utmost sportsmanlike conduct.  To us, this is the MOST important take away from the martial arts.  It’s not about win or lose, getting the gold, or beating your opponent.  It’s about how you act as a representative of our school and how you act in the face of defeat.  We watched you show your respect and manners to ALL the black belts, judging or not, and to all your fellow competitors – win or lose.

That said, we are extremely proud of all your accomplishments this season.  By accomplishments we mean – competing for the first time, competing in a higher category, being the only girl in your age division, competing against someone twice your size in sparring and holding your own, competing after being injured, competing for Grand Champion against student twice your age, conducting yourself with grace and confidence in the face of adversity.  The medal standings are just a bonus.

We want to thank all our instructors and assistants for their extra time and effort during tournament season – coming in every Friday to get our students ready.  We would like to thank all our students for their hard work and dedication.  We would like to thank all our parents for their tireless support of the school and for having an amazing cheering section at every tournament.  Let’s rest up, have a great summer and get pumped up for next season when Summit will be hosting our own tournament in the fall!!!

Voter Feedback from the 2018 Top Choice Awards

At Summit Martial Arts, we are dedicated to transparency.  We are always open to feedback from parents/students as we value their opinion.  We are always looking for ways to improve and keep on top of our game.  As such, here’s what voters had to say about Summit Martial Arts to the 2018 Top Choice Awards:

“If there was a beyond “excellent” rate I can choose from to rate Summit Martial Arts School, I will.  The quality of teaching they provide is beyond exceptional.  They don’t just teach martial arts techniques but they also teach by example to live as a martial artist following all the tenets of taekwondo.  You get more than what you are paying for!  The are family oriented business based who welcomes everyone with big warm hearts.  I absolutely recommend Summit Martial Arts.”  D. B.

“It’s a great facility for training kids taekwondo.  The instructors are wonderful and Mr. Morris is so knowledgeable in his skill that when he teaches it just clicks with the students.  They understand and follow his instructions well.  I know my son strives to improve every time he goes to class.  It’s not the facility but the teachers that make this business as my top choice.”  O.R.

“A very professional, organized and credible organization. My child doesn’t just get their next belt.  They have to work hard to earn it.  They spend time helping kids succeed when they are struggling and show they really do care.   The child feels a sense of pride once they have achieved something.”  H.D.

“The team at Summit is beyond compare, they truly care about the children they teach.  Not only do they pass along the knowledge of the moves but teach self confidence and resilience.  My daughter has thrived under the instruction of Master Morris and his team.”  K.R.

“We have been to several different martial arts studios, Summit is professional and helpful to helping my daughter achieve her individual goals.” E

“Master Morris is very good with my son and the other children.  We are new and looking forward to continuing in the new year.”  M.A.

“Master Morris is an amazing martial arts instructor.  I can’t imagine how any school could do better.”  D.B.

“They are friendly to all of their customers and professional as well.”  K.K.

“My sons age 6 and 8 are being trained and I am very satisfied.”  S.H.

“Super great place to take your kids!”  E.S.

“Summit Martial Arts always welcomes feedback and work on it right away.  Therefore, they are beyond exceptional.”


That said, there is always room for improvement.  Here’s what you said needs work.


  1.  Bigger Waiting Area:  without moving to a bigger facility, the waiting area cannot be expanded.  We ask for parents/students co-operation in keeping the flow between classes efficient.  We are open to ideas for making this transition smoother for all.
  2. More Locations!:  with a limited number of instructors, expansion to additional locations just is not in the cards.    Maybe someday!
  3. Website definitely needs to be designed:  You asked, we answered!  Check out our new website at www.summitmartialarts.ca
  4. Twitter can be improved a bit:  our main focus on social media is Instagram and Facebook as that is where we have the most followers.  We do send all our posts to the twitter feed.
  5. The school can be kept cleaner, it stinks sometimes:  Absolutely!  With all the blood, sweat and tears that go in to our classes, it is sometimes a challenge to get that hard work smell out.  We do have regular cleanings and keep air fresheners going at all times.  We hope that helps.
  6. Open Fridays!  We appreciate that you love SMA so much we need to be open Fridays.  We have opened Friday nights for private lessons and tournament training.  To book a lesson, head on over to the website or ask Mrs. M to get you set up.

We thank all those who took the time to provide feedback.  It is invaluable to us.  We hope to make 2018 our best year yet!!


Nominated as 2018 Top Martial Arts School in Calgary!

Summit Martial Arts is extremely proud and honored to have been nominated as 2018 Top Martial Arts School in Calgary by the Top Choice Awards.  Voting will open Nov 1 and runs through to January 2, 2018.  We would like to thank YOU – all our loyal, dedicated, hard working students and their families for your support over this past years. It is truly amazing to see the evolution of our school and watch all of you grow as martial artists.  We have loved watching as entire families have joined our classes – parents training with their children, siblings, and cousins.  You are what helps make SMA an amazing place to train where every one feels like family.   We would appreciate you all taking the time to vote.  Click on the Vote For Us button below.

Nominee 2018 - Nominee Badge 2018

We would also like to thanks ALL the student who came out for the school photo!!!!  What a turn out!!!! We appreciate you taking time out of your lives to show your loyalty, dedication and love for the school.  Until next year!



SMA would like to THANK YOU!

Summit Martial Arts was named the 2017 Top Martial Arts School in Calgary by Top Choice Awards.  Again, we would like to thank ALL our students and ftopchoiceawards_logo_year_2017_colouramilies for their tremendous support over the last 3+ years.  We truly would not be here without all of you.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard for all our students.  We believe that EVERY belt should be earned through hard work, practice and dedication.  We do not promote students simply for showing up – we believe giving students unearned promotions is doing them a large disservice both in the martial arts and in life.  We have built our school on an adherence to traditional methods of training and principals, a strong work ethic, treating our students like family, and a refusal to sacrifice our quality just to cram our classes full of students.  We believe in quality over quantity.  Our reputation for quality speaks for itself.  We are proud to say 80% of our students come to us by referral from current students.

As of March 2, 2017, we have 8 spots remaining over ALL our programs!  All our programs are capped to ensure our students receive the highest quality martial arts education.  Here is where we stand.  Our Little Dragons (age 6-7) program is full and accepting wait lists applications.  Our Warriors (ages 8-12) has 2 spots available, our Little Monkeys (ages 4-5) has 1 spot available immediately, 1 spot opening in April, and 1 spot in June.

We have also made important changes to our Belt Grading system for Warriors/Adults (green belt and above).  Effective immediately, we will run 4 belt gradings per year.  Dates are as follows:  March 11, June 17, September 23 and December 16.  Formal invitations to grade will be sent out 1 week prior to the belt grading.  Little Monkeys, Little Dragons, Warrior/Adult (white/orange/yellow) belt gradings will remain the same.  Please see your emails for specific requirements per program.

We are always working to improve based on our student feedback.  As such, we have made some additions to the website to help our parents/students be prepared for class.  As promised, we have included a “How to Tie Your Belt” video on the website.  In addition, we have added the detailed weekly student schedule for our current students.  No need to dig through old emails to find the calendar!  And, finally we will be working on getting our Forms filmed over the coming weeks.  The format for distribution to be determined.  Stay tuned!!!

If you would like more information about our program, please contact us through the form below or call 587-583-5425.