About Summit Martial Arts

Summit Martial Arts Logo - Tae Kwon Do School in SE CalgarySummit Martial Arts opened its doors in May of 2014 with a small group of students working out of the Shepard Community Center.  We moved in to our new home on 40th Street in April of 2015.  We have enjoyed watching our students grow and mature as martial artists over the years, many of our students have been with us since we opened our doors.  We are a family owned and operated business who believe strongly in keeping our student count low to ensure we are teaching top quality martial arts.  We enjoy getting to know all our students and their families and are committed to maintaining a high standard of learning for all our students.

Summit Martial Arts was voted 2017 Top Martial Arts School in Calgary and an official nominee for the 2018  Best Martial Arts School in Calgary.  We are home to the 2016 W.O.M.A.A. World Martial Arts Games Silver Medalist for Sparring, the 2014 TAFISA World Martial Arts Games Champions and were named one of the Top Martial Arts Schools for Kids in Calgary by Chatterblock.

We are proud to offer martial arts classes for ages 4 through adult, beginner to advanced black belt.  We adhere to the traditional methods of training – our classes will challenge your mind and your body. Our students feel satisfaction and pride knowing they have EARNED their belts. Our instructors are active and involved in EVERY class.  Students will be expected to uphold the tenets of Tae Kwon Do:  Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit both inside and outside the dojang.


We encourage ALL our students to strive to reach their full potential.  We maintain a high standard for our instructors and our students.  Students will receive traditional martial arts training.  We follow a generations old, rigorous standard for our belt promotions.  We believe in quality of instruction over quantity of students.  We pride ourselves on involved instructors – we won’t ask you do any thing we won’t do ourselves.

We educate, motivate and set the example for our students.  Our instructors are dedicated life long students – we believe the journey is not over when you get your black belt, it’s just the beginning.  Come down and check us out!




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