Tournament Season comes to a close

This year Team Summit attended a record number of tournaments in one season – representing Summit Martial Arts at 6 Alberta competitions!  We just wanted to say how proud and impressed we are with all the student who participated this year.

Our students represented SMA with the utmost sportsmanlike conduct.  To us, this is the MOST important take away from the martial arts.  It’s not about win or lose, getting the gold, or beating your opponent.  It’s about how you act as a representative of our school and how you act in the face of defeat.  We watched you show your respect and manners to ALL the black belts, judging or not, and to all your fellow competitors – win or lose.

That said, we are extremely proud of all your accomplishments this season.  By accomplishments we mean – competing for the first time, competing in a higher category, being the only girl in your age division, competing against someone twice your size in sparring and holding your own, competing after being injured, competing for Grand Champion against student twice your age, conducting yourself with grace and confidence in the face of adversity.  The medal standings are just a bonus.

We want to thank all our instructors and assistants for their extra time and effort during tournament season – coming in every Friday to get our students ready.  We would like to thank all our students for their hard work and dedication.  We would like to thank all our parents for their tireless support of the school and for having an amazing cheering section at every tournament.  Let’s rest up, have a great summer and get pumped up for next season when Summit will be hosting our own tournament in the fall!!!