Voter Feedback from the 2018 Top Choice Awards

At Summit Martial Arts, we are dedicated to transparency.  We are always open to feedback from parents/students as we value their opinion.  We are always looking for ways to improve and keep on top of our game.  As such, here’s what voters had to say about Summit Martial Arts to the 2018 Top Choice Awards:

“If there was a beyond “excellent” rate I can choose from to rate Summit Martial Arts School, I will.  The quality of teaching they provide is beyond exceptional.  They don’t just teach martial arts techniques but they also teach by example to live as a martial artist following all the tenets of taekwondo.  You get more than what you are paying for!  The are family oriented business based who welcomes everyone with big warm hearts.  I absolutely recommend Summit Martial Arts.”  D. B.

“It’s a great facility for training kids taekwondo.  The instructors are wonderful and Mr. Morris is so knowledgeable in his skill that when he teaches it just clicks with the students.  They understand and follow his instructions well.  I know my son strives to improve every time he goes to class.  It’s not the facility but the teachers that make this business as my top choice.”  O.R.

“A very professional, organized and credible organization. My child doesn’t just get their next belt.  They have to work hard to earn it.  They spend time helping kids succeed when they are struggling and show they really do care.   The child feels a sense of pride once they have achieved something.”  H.D.

“The team at Summit is beyond compare, they truly care about the children they teach.  Not only do they pass along the knowledge of the moves but teach self confidence and resilience.  My daughter has thrived under the instruction of Master Morris and his team.”  K.R.

“We have been to several different martial arts studios, Summit is professional and helpful to helping my daughter achieve her individual goals.” E

“Master Morris is very good with my son and the other children.  We are new and looking forward to continuing in the new year.”  M.A.

“Master Morris is an amazing martial arts instructor.  I can’t imagine how any school could do better.”  D.B.

“They are friendly to all of their customers and professional as well.”  K.K.

“My sons age 6 and 8 are being trained and I am very satisfied.”  S.H.

“Super great place to take your kids!”  E.S.

“Summit Martial Arts always welcomes feedback and work on it right away.  Therefore, they are beyond exceptional.”


That said, there is always room for improvement.  Here’s what you said needs work.


  1.  Bigger Waiting Area:  without moving to a bigger facility, the waiting area cannot be expanded.  We ask for parents/students co-operation in keeping the flow between classes efficient.  We are open to ideas for making this transition smoother for all.
  2. More Locations!:  with a limited number of instructors, expansion to additional locations just is not in the cards.    Maybe someday!
  3. Website definitely needs to be designed:  You asked, we answered!  Check out our new website at
  4. Twitter can be improved a bit:  our main focus on social media is Instagram and Facebook as that is where we have the most followers.  We do send all our posts to the twitter feed.
  5. The school can be kept cleaner, it stinks sometimes:  Absolutely!  With all the blood, sweat and tears that go in to our classes, it is sometimes a challenge to get that hard work smell out.  We do have regular cleanings and keep air fresheners going at all times.  We hope that helps.
  6. Open Fridays!  We appreciate that you love SMA so much we need to be open Fridays.  We have opened Friday nights for private lessons and tournament training.  To book a lesson, head on over to the website or ask Mrs. M to get you set up.

We thank all those who took the time to provide feedback.  It is invaluable to us.  We hope to make 2018 our best year yet!!