SMA would like to THANK YOU!

Summit Martial Arts was named the 2017 Top Martial Arts School in Calgary by Top Choice Awards.  Again, we would like to thank ALL our students and ftopchoiceawards_logo_year_2017_colouramilies for their tremendous support over the last 3+ years.  We truly would not be here without all of you.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a high standard for all our students.  We believe that EVERY belt should be earned through hard work, practice and dedication.  We do not promote students simply for showing up – we believe giving students unearned promotions is doing them a large disservice both in the martial arts and in life.  We have built our school on an adherence to traditional methods of training and principals, a strong work ethic, treating our students like family, and a refusal to sacrifice our quality just to cram our classes full of students.  We believe in quality over quantity.  Our reputation for quality speaks for itself.  We are proud to say 80% of our students come to us by referral from current students.

As of March 2, 2017, we have 8 spots remaining over ALL our programs!  All our programs are capped to ensure our students receive the highest quality martial arts education.  Here is where we stand.  Our Little Dragons (age 6-7) program is full and accepting wait lists applications.  Our Warriors (ages 8-12) has 2 spots available, our Little Monkeys (ages 4-5) has 1 spot available immediately, 1 spot opening in April, and 1 spot in June.

We have also made important changes to our Belt Grading system for Warriors/Adults (green belt and above).  Effective immediately, we will run 4 belt gradings per year.  Dates are as follows:  March 11, June 17, September 23 and December 16.  Formal invitations to grade will be sent out 1 week prior to the belt grading.  Little Monkeys, Little Dragons, Warrior/Adult (white/orange/yellow) belt gradings will remain the same.  Please see your emails for specific requirements per program.

We are always working to improve based on our student feedback.  As such, we have made some additions to the website to help our parents/students be prepared for class.  As promised, we have included a “How to Tie Your Belt” video on the website.  In addition, we have added the detailed weekly student schedule for our current students.  No need to dig through old emails to find the calendar!  And, finally we will be working on getting our Forms filmed over the coming weeks.  The format for distribution to be determined.  Stay tuned!!!

If you would like more information about our program, please contact us through the form below or call 587-583-5425.