We are off to the races – tournament season begins!

On November 5, 2016, Summit Martial Arts attended the LMFA Open Martial Arts Challenge in Okotoks, Alberta. The Summit Team came home with 8 Bronze, 4 Silver and 4 Gold medals for the day.

Rylan wowed the crowd with his awesome form and kick butt sparring in the ages 4-6 division (white belt) – no awards were given for this age category.  This was Rylan’s 1st tournament, he did an amazing job!

Next up, Brock and Tyler competed in the ages 7-9 category (yellow stripe belts).  Brock brought home silver for sparring and bronze for forms.  Tyler took silver for forms and bronze for sparring!  Great job boys!

Vench was up next in the boys age 9-11 category (white belt).  Vench brought home a bronze for sparring!  Awesome showing for his 1st tournament.

We moved on to our seasoned students – Mikko brought home the gold for sparring in boys ages 10-12 (red with black band belt) – what a match!  Great job Mikko.

Chaney was up next in girls ages 10-12 category (green belt).  Chaney had a great showing receiving a bronze for forms and taking home the gold in sparring.  Great job!

Aidan and Marcuz competed in the boys ages 13-15 category (red with black band), Marcuz brought home the bronze for sparring and Aidan took home silver for forms and silver for sparring.  Way to go!

Next up was Max in the boys age 15-17 category (red with black band).  Max took home double gold for sparring and forms!  What an exciting sparring match – great job Max!

Both Val and Dan competed in the senior women (white belt) and senior men (green belt) divisions.  Val took the bronze for forms and Dan took a bronze for sparring.  Way to go!  It was a great day for Summit.

We would like to thank LFMA for inviting us, this was a well organized and professional tournament.  We would like to acknowledge the high level of respect and courtesy all the schools showed for each other.

If you are interested in competing in tournaments, please see Master or Mrs. Morris for details.  Our next tournament is coming up on Saturday, November 26.