Time for a Cardio Blast – Register NOW!

We received numerous requests from students about running a cardio only class.  You talked, we listened!  SMA is offering a Cardio Kick Start class starting Saturday, April 9 at 8:30am.  The class will run for 4 weeks – excluding Saturday, April 23 (for the tournament). This class will be a 45 minute non -stop, cardio blast!  The 4 classes will alternate between a cardio kickboxing style and circuit training.  Fun for everyone!!

This class will be open to everyone.  No experience required.  No uniform needed.  Participants can wear regular workout clothing.  Bag gloves will be required.

For our current students, this class is an excellent addition to your current training.  Looking to work on that cardio for the next belt test, this is the way to do it.  As you all know, our tests are not easy.   They challenge the mind and the body.  The best way to prepare yourself is with high intensity interval training.  This will give you the most realistic mirror of an actual SMA belt test.


To register:

Current SMA students – please speak to Mrs. M to add you to the roster.

Non-SMA students – can register online or in person.

If you have any additional questions, please email info@summitmartialarts.ca or call 587-583-5425.


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