Look what we did in February!

Summit Martial Arts attended the Rocky Mountain Open Martial Arts Tournament in Calgary on Saturday, February 6, 2016.  We are very proud of all the students who competed, all your hard work paid off!  You represented SMA with the utmost respect and sportsmanlike conduct.

Gold for Forms (age 6 – white belt) for Nicolas
Bronze for Sparring (age 6 – for white belt) for Tyler
Bronze for Sparring (age 9 – green belt) for Brody
Silver for Forms (age 12 – yellow belt) for Chaney
Gold for Forms (age 11 – red belt) for Mikko
Gold for Sparring (age 11 – red belt) for Mikko
Silver for Forms (age 12 – red with black band) for Marcuz
Silver for Sparring (age 12 – red with black band) for Marcuz
Gold for Team Forms for Marcuz and Mikko
Gold for Forms (age 15 – brown belt) for Max
Gold for Sparring (age 15 – brown belt) for Max
Gold for Weapons Forms for Mikko
Silver for Weapons Forms for Marcuz
Gold for Forms (men’s division – white to green belt) for Matias
Bronze for Forms (men’s division – white to green belt) for Dan
Silver for Sparring (men’s division – white to green belt) for Dan
Bronze for Sparring (men’s division – white to green belt) for Omar

Grand Total for the Day = 9 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, 4 Bronze Medals!! WAY TO GO TEAM SUMMIT!!!!

Check out Max go for the Gold!

Our 30 Day Challenge came to an end in February.  We had a great 30 days of awesome workouts and support.  Our Facebook group provided for some great accountability.  We learned about the importance of meal prep, healthy eating, portion sizes, HIIT training and weight training.  Our ladies put in the work and saw results!  What more could we ask for?  Are we ready for Round 2 yet?

This month we launched the Summit Martial Arts app!  The goal was to make the sign in process easy and convenient for all our students.  We are still working out all the bugs and hope to have everything running smoothly in the next few weeks.  The SMA app is a FREE download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.  If you need help getting set up, please see Mrs. Morris and she will assist you.  Click below to see the app in action.

Here is the link to the Apple App

Here is the link to the Google Play App

Our SMA Belt Test was held on Saturday, February 27.  We started our day with our Little Monkeys and Little Dragons test – it was a full house!  Standing room only for friends and family.  Our SMA kids did an excellent job showcasing their skills.  Congratulations Isabella, Micah, Hunter, Rylan, Xander, Sebastien, Cassidy, Hayden, and Calin.  All your hard work paid off!  We are proud of each and every one of you.

Next up was our Orange and Yellow Belt Test.  Our students went up and down the floor showing their kicks, punches, and blocks.  We finished the day with 2 rounds of continuous sparring.  Our belt tests are not easy, we have always maintained our high standards at each and every test. At SMA, you know without a doubt you have EARNED the belt around your waist.  Congratulations to Dan, Omar, Xander, Matias, Brock, and Sam.  Great job everyone!

We finished the day with our Green and Red Belt tests.  These tests are not for the faint of heart.  This is where you show what you are made of.  The physical requirements will test both your mind and your body.  We are so proud of Max and Levi for their amazing efforts.  Congratulations!  You EARNED those belts!

Summer Camp registration opens for current SMA students. Summit Martial Arts is proud to offer full day and half day – week long summer camps for ages 6-12. Week 1 – July 18 to 22 and Week 2 – August 8 to 13.  Our camps are open to everyone. There is no experience necessary. Full day students will have 2 – 1 hour lessons per day. Our days feature a balanced mix of tae kwon do fundamentals, sparring (light contract/flag sparring), self-defence, kicking exercises, punching drills, and board breaking. Students will work on strength training, agility and co-ordination through a series of fun and challenging circuits. Children will be divided in to smaller groups of 4-5 based on their age and skill level and will be paired with a junior camp instructors. There will also be a mini-tournament held on Friday where students will showcase all their newly developed skills.

Our goal is to provide a high energy, active and fun day for our kids. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn a new skill, make new friends, and boost their self-confidence when faced with challenging situations.

Please see our website for more details.

Register Now

We can’t wait to see what March will bring!  Train hard!  We will see you all on the mats.


January starts with a bang!

January has flown by!  We had a lot going on from tournament training, belt tests, 30 Day Challenge and our regular training.

Tournament Training was in full swing every Saturday in January.  We are gearing up for tournament season with lots of practice, sharpening our forms and working on our sparring techniques.  We have a large number of students competing at the upcoming tournament in Calgary.  Competing students ages range from 6 to 48!  Go Team Summit!  The Rocky Mountain City Championships was held on Saturday, February 6 (more details to follow in February’s updates).

30 Day Challenge started on January 18 and we hit the ground running!  SMA friends and family joined in our special challenge – 30 days of healthy eating, challenging workouts and accountability.  We shared our experiences and challenges in our private Facebook page.  It was a lot of fun!  Can’t wait to do it again.  Does any one else love/hate the leg workouts?  Thanks to all our participants!

Little Monkeys and Little Dragons belt test – congratulations to Rogan, Troy, Ethan and Evan on their belt promotion.

Orange Belt Test – congratulations to Stephen, Jason and Cole on their promotion to orange belt.  Lots of hard work and dedication went in to prepare for this test.

Upcoming Events:  Rocky Mountain Championships, Bo Staff Training, Belt Test – Saturday, February 27.