December in a Nutshell

December has been a crazy month.  We’ve had the KSL Fashion Event, wrapped up the Purse Project, we’ve welcomed some new students, had an all day belt test marathon and our awesome Christmas Party!  Who’s ready for a break?

On Saturday, December 5, we hosted our 2nd KSL Actionwear Fashion Event.  We love supporting other Canadian business owners.  And, what a great turnout for our Pop Up Fashion event.  Who exactly is behind KSL? Former Canadian Championship cyclist, Katy St. Laurent designs comfortable, convertible clothes for sport, travel and every day life.  All clothes are designed and made in Canada!!!  We love our KSL!  Don’t worry if you missed it, we will be hosting another fashion event in the Spring.  See Mrs. M if you would like to order something in the meantime.  Thank you to Jessica for bringing KSL to us!

The Purse Project wrapped up on December 6, SMA collected two huge boxes filled with toiletries and purses.  We were happy to be part of this awesome initiative lead by Smarty Skirts.  Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page to see what else they have to offer.  We look forward to helping with this project again next year.

We had our last belt test of 2015 on Saturday, December 19.  We started the morning with a Little Monkeys, Little Dragons, and Warriors belt test.  The kids did an amazing job showcasing their skills to the judges panel. Congratulations to Xander, Tyler, Spencer, Isabelle and Jeanne!  All your hard work and practise paid off, you EARNED those belts!

Our Advanced rank belt test started later in the afternoon.  As many of you know, our belt tests are not easy.  It is not enough to simply show up, you have to put in the work. We follow a generations old, rigorous standard of belt promotion criteria.  If you receive a belt from SMA, you can rest assured you have EARNED it!  This test was no different – our students showed all heart in their 3 hour test.  Congratulations to Josh, Shane, Mikko, Aidan and Marcuz on their promotions.  We are proud of each and every one of you.

Later that night, we had our annual Christmas Party.  There were 85 SMA family members in attendance – what a great turnout! There was food for miles!!  Thank you to all the families for coming out and bringing such yummy treats and dishes!

Our award ceremony had a few new categories this year.  We presented our Most Improved New Students to Dan, Xander, Mia and Rylan.  Our Most Improved Overall went to Florian, Jann, Nicolas and Hunter.  This year we awarded Most Improved Sparring to Angelo, Most Improved Hand Techniques to Olivia, Most Improved Kicks to Coban and Most Improved Forms to Brody.  The Most Dedicated Student award went to Lee and Aidan.  And, the final award Best Sportsmanship went to Marcuz.  Congratulations to all of you!

The evening ended with a video montage of our year in review.  What a year it was!  We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.  We can’t wait to get back to the dojang and start training for the World Martial Arts Games trials.  Let’s make 2016 another year to remember!

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